About Us

A creative soul that is always looking for another way to melodically and lyrically touch listeners in a
positive way.  That's what makes Eddie Keith Wilson tick. "My prayer when I came to Nashville to live
the songwriter dream is to be able to write songs that can lift people up out of whatever life has dealt
them and set them back on the road.", Eddie says with a gentle smile.

Born in the same delivery room as Mac Mcanally and Tammy Wynette in Red Bay, Alabama and actually
having Tammy for a babysitter before she made it is an honor. Eddie's mom, Agnes Wilson, wrote songs
for EMI and had cuts with Tammy, George Jones, Stonewall Jackson, and Joe Stampley, among others.
The Swampers and Muscle Shoals music as well as the blues songs of Mississippi greats are part of his

He came to Nashville a bit later in life than most but has a lot to draw from when it comes to songwriting.
"I came through hell on my way to Nashville and I don't plan on going back." was one of his comments
that stuck in my head during the interview.

Eddie is currently co-writing with up and coming artists as well as senior writers learning daily what it
takes to become successful in a very difficult business. "I'm a good listener. When Walt Aldridge told me
that no matter what you know, where you're at with your career, when you come to Nashville it's like
starting over. I took that to heart and humbled myself to the task of whatever it takes."

Eddie says he is most excited about some of the great new young talent coming into town and the
upcoming turn country music is making. "Working with new artists motivates me to chase this dream.
They are the future of country music and I'm going to write my rearend off to be part of it."

Eddie isn't just a country songwriter either. With the blues song like "The Truth About Mississippi" and
touching Christian tune "Love Did" it's very obvious there's many sides to this determined writer.  "I sign
all my e-mails and correspondence with 'songwriter on a mission' because I am definitely on a mission to
succeed", replies Eddie.

I think he's going to...